Delniwa – early primocane variety

DELNIWA (Rubus idaeus) – is early primocane variety. Plant – upright canes light green with dense thorns. Breeder – Niwa Berry Breeding Ltd, Author Dr Agnieszka Orzeł.

Fruit Bright red, glossy fruit lighter in colour than Polka, very sweet flavour easily plugged and well presented to the pickers.
High natural sugar, good average berry weight, high IQF fruits.
The most profitable variety among Polish primocane cv. for mechanical harvesting.
Fruits have outstanding shelf life 8 9 days in 55°C they are suitable for transport
In vitro e valuation made in Niwa shows resistance to Phytophtora ssp proved by field observation in Kosovo
Basing on our research Delniwa has more antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content then ‘Polka’
Variety usefulness – the fresh market, processing freezing.
Susceptibility to diseases – tolerant to the main raspberry pests diseases.

Usefulness: general and usable variety, for the fresh market and for processing. The architecture of the shrubs, exposed fruit and easy detachment from the receptacle allows of the mechanical harvesting. Additionally, high extract content (12,5%) and good results in freezing test (high percentage in the extra class and low leachate value after thawing) make this variety interesting for processing, too.

Delniwa is characterized by a high percentage of dry matter, so it can also be used for the production of high-quality lyophilizates. Among red raspberry varieties, Delniwa is characterized by the highest antioxidant capacity, measured by FRAP, DPPH indicators and high content of polyphenols and vitamin C (Table 1). It could be promoted as the super fruit, which should be permanently included in a diet that increases resistance to viruses and cancer.

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