SVZ International B.V. supplies high quality fruit and vegetable

SVZ International B.V. supplies high quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to food and drink manufacturers around the world. Its long heritage in agricultural supply, further supported by the world class facilities of its parent Royal Cosun’s farmer owned co-operative and accredited sustainability initiatives, ensure a consistent, premium quality ingredient supply.

With more than 100 years’ experience in the global fruit and vegetable agribusiness, SVZ represents quality leadership throughout the whole supply chain. Its strong partnerships with local growers and production facilities within the world’s finest growing regions ensure SVZ fruit and vegetables are cultivated, harvested and processed to the highest standards.

Selling to the main global brands

We supply high quality raspberry ingredients to the main global food and drink brands. Whether our customers are seeking a puree, juice concentrate or NFC, we take great pride in delivering nature’s finest produce that retains the natural best of every fruit and vegetable. From healthy smoothies to delicious ice creams and indulgent desserts, our premium raspberry ingredients are added to best-selling, leading food and beverage products globally. Plus, because our quality raspberry purees are safe and highly nutritional, they are also certified to be used in baby food applications, too.

Our trained sensory panel monitors and evaluates the sensory properties of every product. Because we test for taste, mouthfeel and colour, customers are assured that their specification is met in a high quality, safe fruit and vegetable ingredient; and farmers can rest assured that the quality and integrity of their product is respected at every stage.

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